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The Role of a DUI Lawyer

DUI Lawyer NapervilleIf you have been arrested and charged for a DUI, you may be in a whole lot of trouble.  Therefore, it is important to seek help from a DUI lawyer, who has the knowledge, skill and expertise needed to ensure that you will have a fair trial and the best possible sentence.   There are complexities in the area of drunk driving laws, which will be best handled by an attorney who specializes in that particular area of the law.  The science behind the metabolism of alcohol, breath analysis and blood testing should be understood by the lawyer as well.

The regulations and rules for assisting individuals who are facing DUI charges differ in each state and at times, they are even different for each county.  For example, California is among the states with the least serious DUI charges and fines in the United States, while Florida has some of the toughest DUI laws.

There are times when even first-time offenders will get a jail sentence.  This typically happens when the blood alcohol level is excessively high or an accident occurred as a result of the impaired driving.  Endangering the lives of others and high rates of speed could result in jail time as well.  However, a DUI lawyer could provide valuable advice like enrolling in a drug and alcohol treatment program to strengthen the case for substituting jail time for community service.

For individuals who have had multiple arrests for driving while intoxicated in the past 10 years or so, these cases may be more troubling than the first-time offender.  It is extremely likely that jail time will be a part of the sentence; however, steps are there that can be taken which will assist you in reducing the sentence or avoiding jail.

For example, enrolling in a long-term residential rehabilitation program could be an acceptable substitute for jail time.  Residential care for drug and alcohol abuse are intensive, round-the-clock treatment programs that have different durations depending on the severity of the substance abuse.  In these programs, patients are not allowed to come and go as they please.  Additionally, the court will have to be presented with details of what the treatment entails and the participation and obligations of the program must be met for any treatment program to be accepted by the court.

A good DUI lawyer may be successful in convincing the court that in-patient treatment would be a better option for you than spending time in jail.  Visit to find a lawyer for you.

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